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Step 4: Tsunami DQ Aquatic Herbicide

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Read/download our Pond Care Guide to identify the most common types of algae and submerged weeds, and to see our handy 4-step program to get your pond ready for summer!

The Diquat formulas of this non-selective herbicide effectively kill submerged and floating pond weeds that are copper-resistant. Works on: duckweed, watermeal, water hyacinth, pondweed, slender leaf pond weed, coontail, and more. A diquat dibromide (37.3%) herbicide, it can be blended with other herbicides for many uses. Use at a rate of 2-8 quarts per surface acre depending on infestation and aquatic weed type. Classified as state-restricted in AZ, VT, CA, CT, MI, NH, NJ and NY. Ship wt 3 lb.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 37.3% diquat dibromide
  • 1 quart jug
  • Classified as state-restricted in AZ, VT, CA, CT, MI, NH, NJ and NY; We are not licensed to sell into these states, and neither is the manufacturer.
Product Features
  • Diquat formula kills surface and submerged weeds that are copper resistant
  • Effective in controlling hard to kill weeds like duckweed
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