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New! Leonard Contractor-Grade Shovels

These cost-effective, contractor-grade shovels feature a 14-gauge spring steel blade. The Leonard contractor-grade blade features forward turned foot steps. Powder-coated blades protect from corrosion.

New! Leonard 6 Cubic Foot Poly Tray Wheelbarrows with Steel Handles

We equipped this wheelbarrow with our NEW steel handles. We make these handles from 18-gauge galvanized steel tubes. We apply a black powder coat to the outside for added durability. This wheelbarrow features our new and improved welded steel tray support. This welded, heavy-gauge steel support improves the strength and durability of this product.

New! Leonard 4-Inch Trenching Shovel with Fiberglass Handle

Designed for strength and efficiency! We designed our 4-inch trenching shovel with numerous features that maximize both strength and efficiency! We tapered the sides of the blade. This tapering improves the blade strength. Steel blade withstands even the toughest jobs.

New! Leonard Pole Pruner Kit with Orange Fiberglass Poles

We designed this generous 1-3/4-inch cutting capacity pruner out of high-quality Swedish steel. We then chrome-plated the cutting blade for long-lasting sharpness and durability. Snap lock coupling for quick, secure mounting.