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Suncast Commercial Utility Trash Can Lids


Excellent lid retention keeps the garbage in the can!

Suncast Commercial makes these lids for use with their Utility Tash Cans. They feature a durable resin construction. Choose the lid that matches your can size below. Suncast designs their Commercial Utility Trash Can Lids to snap onto the can with ease. Once in place, it takes 22 pounds of force to unsnap the lid. This superior lid retention keeps out wildlife and allows the can to withstand strong winds and tip-overs. The unique design of these lids also eliminates water pooling. These lids hold much better than the 3-1/2 pounds of force it takes to open competing brands. This hold keeps your garbage and debris inside the can where it belongs. Suncast Commercial proudly manufacturers these lids right here in the USA!
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