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Systemic Fungicide

When you work with plants, you know that there can be unseen dangers on the job, like fungi. A.M. Leonard strives to help you protect the plants in your care with high-quality systemic fungicide. Instead of losing critical yields and receiving diminished profits from your hard work, invest in our fungus-fighting products. See how our systemic fungicides can help your plants survive and thrive'shop below to get started, and check out the rest of our herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides!

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Prevent and Control Disease with Systemic Fungicide

Apple blight, Sudden Oak Death, root rot… all of these phytophthora diseases can be remedied or prevented with our AGRI-FOS Systemic Fungicide. Don't watch your plants and trees fade away; get help before it's too late. This product includes mono and di-potassium salts of phosphorous acid, helping you fight fungi fast. You can use it on a variety of greens, too, such as fruit trees, vegetable plants, and conifers.

Our systemic fungicides can get your plants through even the toughest of fungal conditions. Fight phytophthora diseases such as downy mildew and pythium diseases fast and effectively with A.M. Leonard anti-fungal products. When your plants need help fast, trust A.M. Leonard's landscaping products to save the day. For over 130 years, we've served the needs of landscaping and gardening professionals. See how we can help you and your plants today!