When it comes to protecting your young trees, A.M. Leonard offers several innovative solutions. Our selection of T-Mate-O products provides landscapers, gardeners, and nursery workers with effective tree support that will promote strong growth and root development.

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Viewing 1 - 7   7 Items

Tree-Mate-O tree supports will hold saplings in place while still allowing room to sway, providing the perfect environment for developing strong root systems. You won't find any wires here; T-Mate-O products are all about a clean appearance and commercial-grade durability. This is the perfect reusable support system for young trees up to 2 inches in diameter. Plus it fits with both "T" and "U" steel posts.

If you're looking to protect sensitive plants and trees from invasive animals, mowers, or trimmers, check out the T-Mate-O Tree and Plant Protector. Fitting up to 4-inch caliper trees, this guard is durable, reusable, and provides a safe and healthy environment in which your tree or plant will thrive. It is made with heavy-duty UV-stabilized poly to ensure long-lasting protection.

T-Mate-O tree supports are perfect for landscapers who are tired of struggling with frustrating wires and fragile supports. Choose to invest in the health of your young trees and check out A.M. Leonard's selection of T-Mate-O products today!