T.O. Plastics

One of the best ways to promote healthier root systems for your plants is to invest in high-quality plastic propagation trays, square pots, and carrying trays. At A.M. Leonard we offer industry-grade products from T.O. Plastics, a leader in commercial plastic manufacturing since 1948.

12   23 Items
12   23 Items

Customers love T.O. Plastics' Star Plug Tray, one of our top selling options. This tray is built with recycled plastic and features a unique system of star cells that are designed to encourage roots to grow downward, leading to faster growth and healthier plants. Our reviewers call this a "great propagation tray," rating it 5 stars for its tough build and reusability over multiple seasons. If you're looking for propagation technology that is innovative and better for the environment, T.O. Plastics' propagation trays are a great choice.

Ideal for greenhouse production and nurseries, T.O. Plastics products have no shortage of useful applications. In addition to propagation trays, we also offer their standard inserts, carrying trays, deep square pots, plant pies, plant loafs, and plant muffin trays -- all designed to promote strong root development and hold up through rugged professional use.

At A.M. Leonard we are committed to offering a great selection of quality horticulture products and greenhouse supplies—and with T.O. Plastics, that's exactly what you'll get. Browse our inventory today and find the perfect plant trays and pots for your business or operation.