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Saves time, saves money, and boosts your profits!

A remarkably efficient, super-absorbent co-polymer that absorbs 200 TIMES its weight in water, then releases it slowly, to reduce watering by 50% or more. It's a process that's repeated when water is reintroduced ... over a period of 3-4 years! Non-toxic, non-hazardous to the environment, and compatible with fertilizer and other "Green Industry" chemicals. This horticultural grade has medium-sized particles for planting, seeding, sod, flower beds, and potting mixes. 0.75 to 2.0 mm in size.
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01HGM 10 lb Bag 10 lb In Stock $101.49 $98.22
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5 Stars

hydro gel wrote

We like to use this at our facility. We have a large wildlife park that does not have water at every location. The hydro gel allows us to plant in areas that are difficult without irrigation and helps bridge the gap during our dry spells in the summer. We have increased our survivability in both restoration sites and the landscape.

5 Stars

Terra-Sorb worked for us! wrote

On the recomendation of our Landscape Arch, Land Design Studios we purchased some gel for use on a difficult steep incline because we had no irrigation planned. Initially we had high hopes for the product keeping things alive during dry spells. Although we lost some plants I'd estimate we would have lost the entire hill planting had we not used Terra Sorb. It was that little extra care we took adding the Terra Sorb that did the trick. Once we had a system down we used it on everything from small pockets of ivy to 24' trees. What a bright idea. It took a bit of time to 'mix' as we called; adding the water before planting but it's second nature now. I tested it in another small planting, (some lavendar) with zero irrigation, south facing, tons of sun burning rays all day. The planting survived 108 degree heat this summer like it was springtime.

5 Stars

I Always Use Terra-Sorb! wrote

As a sub-contractor responsible for thousands of bareroot trees and live stakes I always use Terra-Sorb in my root dip to maintain a perfect moisture balance while we are planting in rugged and remote areas. I've used Terra-Sorb for 15 years and it has been a key element in having near 100% survival rates, even in droughty, hard packed restoration sites. I have started using Terra-sorb in my soil mixes for wetland plant starts and rapid growers like tomatoes and peppers too. Great Product!

5 Stars

Great product. wrote

Great product. Easy to use and saves a ton of labor costs. I have been using this for years on all our annual beds.

5 Stars

water retaining gel wrote

As a professional landscaper, I depend on products that like this. I use it every time i plant or seed. It guarantees a good start and reduces water use and time.

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