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The Drought of 2012: Plan Ahead and Plant Smartly

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The U.S. Drought Monitor shows abnormally dry conditions in many areas right now.
Bookmark the site and you can check current drought conditions for your local area. Every Thursday morning, the map is updated to reflect weather effects from the previous week. Use the monitor to help you stay current for your area.

And to help you prepare your plants to withstand and survive the hot summer, we’re stocked and ready to ship! Click anywhere on this page or enter source code LAND12 at checkout for savings. Hurry, sale ends June 30th.


The hot summer heat can be challenging for newly planted or younger trees and shrubs. Drip irrigation bags are very handy to minimize the amount of water you use while you maximize the effect of every drop. Our chart below will help you cost-compare your options as you decide which solution is best for your environment. We especially like the 32-gallon ArborRain. With its bigger capacity, you give each tree more water with each refill trip, so you water less often.

Brand SKU Capacity Price Drip Time Color/Profile # of Emitters Max Tree Diameter Fill Hole Diameter
ArborRain AR20 20 gal $16.99 5-8 hrs Brown/Low 2 6 in 1-5/8 in
TreeCOVEr TCOVER 15 gal $19.29 up to 9 hrs Green/Upright 2 4 in 3 in
Treegator TGJR 15 gal $19.99 5-8 hrs Brown/Low 2 6 in 1-1/2 in
Treegator TG20 20 gal $21.99 5-9 hrs Green/Upright 2 4 in 4 in
Ooze Tube OT25 25 gal $17.99 2-30 days Brown/Low 4 5 in 2 in
ArborRain AR32 32 Gal $19.99 5-8 hrs Brown/Low 2 6 in 1-5/8 in

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We've got more helpful products for summer...

Soil amendments with mycorrhizal fungi and soil microbes to increase root, increasing water and nurtrient intake.surface area so plants can take in more nutrients and water.   Water-holding polymers that can reduce watering needs by 50%. "Easy to use and saves a ton of labor costs. Have been using this for years ..."- Jean Asst. Ground Supt.   Anti-desiccants to reduce water loss from the leaf surface.Helps plants hold in moisture during 2 months of summer heat. Will not clog sprayers.
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Leonard hoses with the highest 600 psi burst strength and stays flexible down to -40° F.   A variety of hose wagons,
reels and carts including this wall mount reel for 100 ft. of 5.8 in hose.
  Orbit Brass Sprinkler head covers 80-foot diameter circle. Adjustable to full/partial circle.
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Plus, we've got plenty more watering resources!