Ensure your flowers, vegetables, and other plants have the proper ground to grow in with A.M. Leonard's selection of lightweight, powerful tillers and other outdoor power equipment. We stock high-performance tillers and attachments from top brands like Mantis, BCS, and Echo -- all designed for professional use long-lasting durability. Whether you're preparing raised beds or edging borders, our tillers will get the job done right.

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Viewing 1 - 6   6 Items

When it comes to tilling, the famous Mantis tiller is a great place to start. Landscapers love the Mantis' lightweight design, powerful engine, shock-absorbing grips, and easy-squeeze throttle trigger. We stock three varieties of engines to meet your unique needs: a quiet electric engine, a commercial-quality Echo engine, and a larger Honda engine. Whatever the size of your landscaping operation, we have the tilling equipment you need at a price you can afford.

For professional gardeners looking for a smaller, easy-to-operate tiller, check out the Echo TC-210 Mini Tiller. This little workhorse is great for preparing vegetable gardens and flower beds, offering smooth tilling action and a lightweight but strong build. It's a great way to save time and energy in the garden.

In your quest to create fine, soft soil for your plant beds, A.M. Leonard has you covered. Take a look at our proven, top-of-the-line tillers and find the right fit for you.