Timber Tuff Tools

Here you'll find A.M. Leonard's selection of Timber Tuff forestry tools. Timber Tuff creates innovative and convenient chainsaw and logging equipment that is designed to hold up to the demanding labor of professional use. From chainsaw sharpeners to skidding tongs, these products will keep you sharp and productive while on the job.

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Viewing 1 - 3   3 Items

Timber Tuff builds tools that offer superior performance whenever and wherever you need them. Their handheld rechargeable chainsaw sharpener is the perfect option for forestry workers who need to keep their saws in optimal shape on the go. It features two 9.6-volt batteries, a three-hour charger, an LED work light, 10 different speeds, and three grinding stones - all in one compact, handy package. We also stock a universal pocket chainsaw tool that offers portable chainsaw maintenance and repair. With Timber Tuff, your chainsaw will always stay in working condition, no matter where you are.

Timber Tuff's skidding tongs are another great tool for forestry workers. These all-steel tongs feature a swivel hook that digs deep into the wood as you pull, providing easy and secure skidding.

At A.M. Leonard we offer durable, professional-grade tools and products that will get the job done day after day. And for forestry workers, our selection of Timber Tuff tools provides just what you need to stay ahead. Check out our inventory today!