Moles, gophers, voles, mice, and rats are the natural enemies of professional landscapers and gardeners alike. Be sure your properties are free of their damaging presence with A.M. Leonard's selection of advanced TomCat rodent control products. Here you'll find effective solutions that will put an end your rodent problems once and for all.

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Viewing 1 - 2   2 Items

If you've had trouble evicting moles and other pesky animals from your property, partner with TomCat and A.M. Leonard to find the perfect product for the job. Our top-selling TomCat poison worm baits are a great option for protecting your flower beds, gardens, lawns, golf courses, and building foundations from destructive mole tunnels. Simply drop the worm-shaped bait into a mole hole and within 12-24 hours your problem will be over. This innovative approach is designed to work with just a single use and has been proven to be a highly effective option.

Are mice your problem? TomCat offers a refillable mouse poison station that includes bait and is safe for use around kids and dogs. This highly effective formula is made with bromethalin, which kills mice faster than anticoagulants and poses no risk of poisoning animals that are not being targeted.

From bait applicators to mole traps, TomCat and A.M. Leonard provide no shortage of pest control options that will get the job done. Check out our inventory today.