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Tree Tote Plant Lift Sling

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Move large 6-8 inch caliper trees with ease! The safe, easy convenient way to move the heaviest plant materials, by hand or mechanically. Self-adjusting nylon sling wraps around the ball, providing four handles for lifting, lifts the ball quickly with just the pull of the handle. No buckles or hooks required.
Item # Ship wt Ball Size Stock Status 1 – 9 10 + Qty
1426S 3 lb 14 -26 inches In Stock $148.59 $143.64
2036S 4 lb 20 - 36 inches In Stock $197.79 $191.36
4054S 5 lb 40 - 54 inches In Stock $235.39 $227.82
5466S 14 lb 54 - 66 inches In Stock $503.39 $488.56

Review Summary (Based on 4 Reviews)

5 Stars

A must have for large B&B trees wrote

very well built and easy to use and it keeps the trees from getting damaged

4 Stars

Tree Sling wrote

Made the job so much easier Made it easy to set and adjust height.

5 Stars

Peace of mind wrote

During this past year we have used these slings to move dozens of large trees 6-8" caliper with a variety of equipment. The slings have enabled us to move these monsters safely and with great accuracy and then to manipulate and tweak the trees for perfect planting results. This peace of mind is invauable especially when you are craining the trees up and over six story buildings in the middle of Manhatten where the work has to be done both safely and quickly. ( see product pics)

5 Stars

Makes for easy planting wrote

We have used these slings with both the forks on our TORO Dingo as well as our John Deere skid steer to move trees up to 3" dia. Using these slings keeps the tree weight low and is much easier than using a ball cart to move trees. It also allows you to set the tree down in the hole and if you need to adjust the depth of the hole you can simply lift the tree back out of the hole and adjust the depth. One person and a Dingo can transport and install a tree using these straps. I can't imagine planting trees without these slings.

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