TreeDiaper Twin Packs


The perfect combination of irrigation and protection!

TreeDiaper® is an advanced plant hydration system. These mats maintain a super slow release of water into the soil. This release is measured in weeks compared to the hours offered by water bags. Sold in packs of two. Choose your desired size below. TreeDiaper® is the first and only irrigation product to combine the functions of irrigation, natural recharge, and protection. Their large watering area provides enough water to keep your trees and shrubs alive and, more importantly, encourages them to thrive. They also protect your plants from weeds and prevent your soil from washing away. These mats contain water-absorbing pellets that absorb water from rain or other sources of irrigation. To use, soak the mats in water for a minimum of five hours to overnight. They are then ready to place around your plants! TreeDiaper® mats are the perfect solution for maintenance-free gardening. You can use them for both indoor and outdoor plants. Take advantage of natural precipitation (rain and snow) by using TreeDiaper® and reduce the need for manual watering!
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