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Treegator watering bags have been trusted by horticultural professionals since they first appeared in 1991. At A.M. Leonard, you'll find a great selection of Treegator products that will meet your trees' irrigation needs. These slow-release systems are ideal for delivering water where and when your trees needs it most.

Viewing 1 - 2   2 Items
Viewing 1 - 2   2 Items

The original Treegator watering bag is ideal for your young saplings -- and you can't go wrong with our highly reviewed Treegator Drip Irrigation Bag. This 20-gallon bag wraps around the tree's trunk to help decrease watering frequency and save resources. It provides complete water absorption and very little run-off -- a simple, low-maintenance solution that will save you time, energy, and money.

For your evergreens, ornamental trees, and large shrubs, check out Treegator's 15-gallon Jr. Drip Irrigation Bag. This system provides a slow, 8-hour drip time for lower-branched trees. It features a subtle brown color and a lower profile than the 20-gallon bag, allowing it to naturally blend into the environment.

Treegator offers reliable, American-made tree irrigation systems that have been effectively utilized for decades. Check out A.M. Leonard's selection of Treegator watering bags and find the right fit for your unique needs.