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True Smart Digital Level

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True Smart Digital Level

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Accurate, versatile, and fully customizable!

Developed with 22 years of service and experience from manufacturing precision construction altimeters. Smart Leveler's new True Level delivers fast, easy, accurate readings even around obstructions. Unlike rotary lasers, it requires no clear line of site to read an elevation. With 100? of tubing, this level offers a 200' working diameter. This versatile altimeter is perfect for a wide range of applications encountered in everyday Construction, Hardscaping, Excavating, and Landscaping. There is no elaborate setup to start or complicated break down when finished, and there is much less math involved compared to using a rotary laser. This level reads up to 30 vertical feet and is accurate within +/- 1/10th (0.1) of an inch!

The True Level now features Auto Zero and allows the reference point to be easily set. The LCD display now has a backlight for reading in dim conditions. With flexible increments, elevations can be read in feet/inches (fraction), inches (fraction), inches (decimal), and centimeters (decimal). The Range feature allows the user to pick a margin of error and the LED will indicate high or low when out of range. One tough level, the Smart Level is shock, stress, and water resistant. This durable altimeter never needs recalibrated. If the tube is damaged, the Smart Leveler can be quickly and easily repaired on the spot with common tools. Comes with hard-shell carrying case and telescoping monopod. Backed by a 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects. Made in the USA! Ship wt. 19.4lb.

The Smart Leveler now comes with the most powerful Bluetooth on the market, elevations can be viewed and recorded on your smart phone, tablet, or laptop! Use the Smart Leveler App to view real time readings, mark and add notes to reference points, and store data for later. Using the app, all stored data can be exported in an excel spreadsheet. Search "Smart Leveler" in the app store, compatible with Apple and Android devices.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Weight (pounds): 12
  • Maximum operating range (feet): 200
  • Accuracy (inches): ± 1/10
  • Working temperature range (degrees Fahrenheit): 0 to 100
  • Vertical limit (feet): 30
Product Features
  • Reads up to 30 vertical feet within 1/10th of an inch accuracy
  • 100? of tubing offers a 200' diameter working area
  • Backlit LED display helps read measurements in dim conditions
  • With flexible increments elevations can be read in: feet/inches (fraction), inches (fraction), inches (decimal), and centimeters (decimal)
  • Auto Zero sets reference point to any desired elevation (sets the level to 0)
  • Powerful computer uses a fast settling algorithm for very quick, accurate readings
  • Use the Range feature to set a margin of error, the LED will indicate high or low when out of range
  • Comes with hard shell carry case and telescoping monopod
  • Monopod extends to 68" and allows the user to remain standing while measuring
  • Made in the USA!
Product Benefits
  • No clear line of sight needed, works around corners and behind obstructions
  • No elaborate setup to start or complicated breakdown when finished
  • Use the Smart Leveler app to view and record real time measurements on your smart phone, tablet, or laptop
  • The Smart Level will never need returned for expensive factory calibration or recharge
PFR Warranty
2 year warranty
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