Turf Mark Spray Colorant Blue Soluble Packs 40pack

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Weight: 7.75 lbs
A temporary blue colorant that shows exactly where you've sprayed. Use when applying liquid pesticides and fertilizers. For broadcast, backpack and general spot treatment; use with any type of spraying equipment. Completely water soluble, won't stain hands, clothing or lawn equipment. Produces an excellent mark for dormant, light, or even dark turf conditions. Essentially non-toxic and environmentally safe.Water Soluble Packs - recommended when mixing 50 gallons or more. 40 count.


Temporary colorant which effecitvely marks spray applications. When mixing more than 50 gallons of solution, packets are a more convient formula. Suggested rate is 1 pack per 50 gallons.




    QUESTION: What is Turf Mark? ANSWER: Turf Mark is a temporary blue spray pattern indicator used in chemical applications to identify treated areas. QUESTION: Why should I use Turf Mark? ANSWER: Turf Mark allows the applicator to eliminate skips and overlaps. Turf Mark will help detect sprayer malfunctions such as leaky spray hoses and clogged nozzels. By using Turf Mark the applicator will know immediately if they come in contact with the chemicals. QUESTION: How long does the color last? ANSWER: Turf Mark lasts approx 24-48 hrs and will dissipate in sunlight or water. QUESTION: What is the usage rate of Turf Mark? ANSWER: Depending on the surface to be treated, we suggest using one WSP per 50 gallons(200liters) of spray solution or 10-24 oz(.5-7liters) for every 50 gallons of spray solution. QUESTION: Is Turf Mark compatible with chemicals? ANSWER: Yes. Turf Mark is non-toxic, although it is not to be used on food crops. QUESTION: Will Turf Mark stain clothes and equipment? ANSWER: No. Turf Mark washes out easily with soap and water.

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