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The convenient, multi-purpose twist tie was invented in 1939, and since that time Twist-Ems has been a leading manufacturer of ties for industrial applications, garden use, produce labeling, and more. At A.M. Leonard, you'll find large bundles of Twist-Ems that can come in handy for just about any job imaginable. Whether you're looking to support your nursery plants or keep bags securely closed, no ties can match the enduring quality and convenience of Twist-Ems.

Viewing 1 - 5   5 Items
Viewing 1 - 5   5 Items

We stock Twist-Ems' original green paper plant ties in a variety of sizes, perfect for any project. These flexible ties are built with strong wire surrounded by waterproof paper -- use them in the greenhouse, nursery, or out in the garden.

If you're looking for more flexibility and choice while on the job or in the garden, our 200-foot Twist-Ems plant tie roll is a great choice. This offers the same reliable Twist-Ems ties but in a convenient roll that travels well and can be cut in a variety of sizes.

Wherever you spend your working hours -- in the shop, garden, or in-route to the job site -- A.M. Leonard's stock of Twist-Ems is a must-have accessory. Tie up a bag, support flowers and vines, or find your own imaginative uses! Check out our selection of Twist-Ems today.