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Water Soluble Fertilizer

A.M. Leonard stocks the best water-soluble fertilizer available from top manufacturer Peters Professional. Great for use with fertilizer injectors in greenhouses, flower beds, and nurseries, these products provide a unique balance of nutrients that will have your plants, flowers, and vegetables healthy and vibrant.

12   20 Items
12   20 Items

Customers rave about Peters Professional's enhanced water-soluble formulas. From container beds to watermelons, there's no shortage of plants that can benefit from these easy-to-use water soluble fertilizers. Use with a watering system to efficiently deliver beneficial nutrients in a quick and precise manner.

The professional-grade 20-20-20 Balanced Water Soluble Fertilizer comes in a 25-pound bag and quickly delivers greenup and foliar expansion. This formula has proven success with vegetable growth, greenhouse operations, flower beds, and container gardens.

Landscapers and gardeners trust A.M. Leonard to offer the best horticultural products at the right prices. If you're in need of quality water soluble fertilizers, don't look any further. Check out our inventory and customer reviews to find the right option for you.