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Waterproof Work Gloves

Waterproof work gloves come in handy in a variety of situations, and are excellent when you're working in wet conditions or dealing with snow, ice, oil, or other liquids. A.M. Leonard carries an assortment of waterproof glove options to suit your task while giving your hands the best protection. Check out our selection of professional-quality work gloves today!

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Our selection of waterproof work gloves includes the top selling Majestic Waterproof Gloves, which include a waterproof bladder and a Heatlok liner that keeps hands dry and warm, making them perfect for snow and ice. We also carry the high performing waterproof and oil-resistant Knucklehead Gloves, preferred by professional landscapers for their durability and fatigue-lessening design.

Since nitrile is waterproof, many of our coated nitrile gloves offer waterproof palms and fingertips for tasks that don't involve submerging the hand, such as pulling wet weeds, handling a fishing line, or working with tools in damp environments. For full waterproof nitrile protection, check out our Extended Length Nitrile Gloves, ideal for getting deep into damp jobs like composting, shrub pruning, working around chemicals, and more. These waterproof gloves are also great for aquatic work!

A.M. Leonard knows that gloves should be sturdy, yet flexible, and able to function in a variety of conditions. Our waterproof work gloves take this into consideration by providing relief from the elements while also offering an excellent grip on slippery objects. Shop our collection of work gloves and let us make your next job easier and much more comfortable!