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Wavian Water Can Opener

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Prevents damage to your watering cans!

Wavian designs this tool for use with their Five-Gallon Water Cans. It measures 9 inches in length and only 7/16-inches wide. It features a plastic construction. This tool provides you with the ideal leverage for opening and tightening the top lid and bung cap of your Wavian Water Can. Its small profile makes it easy to transport. Using foreign objects to open and close your Wavian Water Can may cause damage to both the lid and the can itself. Use this tool to eliminate this risk!

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product length (inches): 9
  • Product width (inches): 7/16
  • Product weight (ounces): 1-2/3
Product Features
Product Benefits
  • Ideal leverage for opening and tightening lid and bung cap
  • Prevents damage caused by using foreign objects to open and close the can
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