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Weed Raker - Pond & Lake Rake

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Weed Raker - Pond & Lake Rake

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Use this multipurpose lake rake to clear away underwater weeds after cutting!

The Weed Raker is equipped with a hollow rake head can be filled with floating or weighted material, depending on the task at hand. Ideal for use with the Weed Razor cutting tools. Float the Weed Raker to clear cut weeds from the waters surface. The Weed Raker easily removes debris and free-floating weeds like water hyacinth, bladderwort, salvinia, water lettuce and others. It also clears away debris from the lake or pond bed. Add weighted material to rake the bottom of the lake. The Weed Raker has 24 tines that are 8? long, designed to pull weed stems and roots from the bottom. This is an essential step for slowing or eliminating re-growth, maintaining weed free water. The 37" wide rake head is equipped with an 11' handle and 43' of floating rope for 55' of range!

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Rake width: 37"
  • Number of Rake Tines: 24
  • Rake Tine Length: 8"
  • Handle Length: 11'
  • Floating Rope Length: 43'
  • Assembled Dimensions: 9" x 37" x 132"
  • Overall Weight: 6 pounds
Product Features
  • Made from rust-proof aluminum
  • Longest, widest and deepest digging lake and pond rake on the market
  • Quickly clears away free-floating weeds and debris on the surface
  • Digs deep to reach stems and roots of lake and pond weeds
  • Ideal for removing organic matter on bottom of water
  • Can be thrown for a total reach of 55 feet
  • Perfect second step for removing rooted vegetation after being cut with Weed Razer
  • Great for use on the beach/out of the water for lakefront management
  • Hollow rake head for filling with floating or weighted material
  • Includes 11-foot handle, 37-inch-wide rake head and 43-foot retrieval rope
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