Weedstick Chemical Applicator

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Weight: 3.35 lbs

Spot-on targeting of weeds saves money and the environment.

Applying herbicides and pesticides without overspray will lower your chemical use by up to 80%! The secret is in the cupped head of this lightweight sprayer. A convenient squeeze of the trigger distributes a shielded mist onto weeds and insects for precision control. Holds one quart.


  • 43" long overall (not including the cup)
  • Cup is 4 and 1/4" wide overall by 3" high
  • Plastic construction
  • Internal reservoir holds up to one quart of herbicide or pesticide

Product Features

Spot "spray" weeds and unwanted grasses Ergonomic design Patented cup shield design eliminates overspray Light weight design Convenient trigger operation L-shaped forearm grip has adjustable height

Product Benefits

Design alleviates exposure to harmful chemicals Cup reduces use of chemicals by up to 80


Manufacturer warrants it to be free of material defects for one year




    QUESTION: How do you pump up or pressurize the unit? ANSWER: It does not actually pressurize, so you don't have to pump it. A squeeze of the trigger delivers enough liquid at enough force to cover the area inside the spray shield.

Review Summary (Based on 14 Reviews)

1 Star

Wouldn't recommend.... HW from OH wrote May 31, 2017

This doesn't put out a mist pattern as advertised. It leaves a spot in the center about the size of a quarter. I was hoping to get a mist covering the inside of the cup. This didn't work when I bought it. I had to disassemble and connect the trigger linkage.

1 Star

Too good to be true CincyGardenGal from OH wrote June 13, 2016

Easy to assemble and fill. Stream of spray and trigger use is poor to the point of painful depending on the length of time used.

4 Stars

Not a bad tool, but wished it was bigger. Peyam Barghassa from NC wrote June 13, 2016

It's definitely for spot spraying of individual weeds like a dandelion. Not for a spot broadcast of an area. Probably better to make your own contraption on a regular sprayer for that.

3 Stars

Brittle plastic? Tammy from WI wrote May 23, 2016

This weed sprayer worked great until I dropped it on my first use. The plastic seemed sturdy but easily broke when I accidentally dropped it on my patio. It is broken beyond repair and it needs to be thrown out. I am very disappointed because as I said, it works pretty good.

5 Stars

Quick way to control weeds Judi from MO wrote June 29, 2011

this is great around the yard, you can target weeds wherever they are.