WorkSharp Guided Field Sharpener 2.2.1

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WorkSharp Guided Field Sharpener 2.2.1

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Built-in angle guides for precise, consistent results, even for the novice sharpener!

This is the first angle guided, 5-stage sharpener designed for anyone who needs a complete, robust and compact multi purpose sharpener when they're in the field. Built in sharpening guides ensure a consistent bevel angle across the entire length of any blade. It is designed specifically for field use by sportsmen. The 5 abrasive steps provide the complete sharpening solution (2 diamond plates, 2 ceramic rods, 1 leather strop). All elements are self contained and require no set or assembly in the field. Ship wt .5lb.

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Product Features
  • Include the following: one coarse diamond plate, one fine diamond plate, one large ceramic rod with 3 positions (coarse, fine and fish hook grooves), one small ceramic rod, one leather strop conditioned with micro-abrasive, a broadhead wrench and user's guide
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  • Product is covered by manufacturer's limited Lifetime Warranty
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