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XHOSE Pro Extreme Expandable Garden Hose, 50 Foot

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XHOSE Pro Extreme Expandable Garden Hose, 50 Foot

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Not your typical garden hose!

XHOSE Pro Extreme is the original expanding hose. These hoses feature a tough multi-layer expandable inner hose housed in a folded outer covering. XHOSE equips them with a patent-pending stabilizer collar and crush-resistant brass fittings. This hose expands to 50 feet in length and 3/4-inch in diameter. XHOSE Pro Extreme Hoses are super lightweight and compact. The hose expands up to twice its length once the water starts flowing. Turning the water off causes the hose to contract back to its compact size. During use, it resists twisting, tangling, and kinking. The XHOSE makes it easier than ever to work in the yard, wash your car, and any other watering task. Its small profile allows you to take it on the go. XHOSE made significant improvements to its original design. With the Extreme line, they increased the thickness on the exterior webbing. They also opted for much stronger materials for every part of the hose. These improvements make the XHOSE better than ever. They even cover it with a one-year warranty!

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Product weight (pounds): 2
  • Expanded diameter (inches): 3/4
  • Expanded length (feet): 50
  • Fitting material: Brass
Product Features
  • Expanding garden hose
  • Multi-layer interior tube
  • Super durable webbed outer layer
  • Patent-pending stabilizer collar
  • Crush-resistant brass fittings
Product Benefits
  • Significant improvements over the original XHOSE
  • Will not twist, tangle, or kink
  • Super lightweight and compact design
  • More powerful spray than previous models
  • Expands up to twice its length when used
  • Contracts automatically once water stops flowing
Additional Product Information
PFR Warranty
  • The manufacturer covers this product with a one-year warranty.
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