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Yale XTC Blaze 24-Strand Rope Climbing Line, 11mm (0.5in) x 120ft

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Has smoothest cover for mechanical ascension; low elongation with minimal bounce. Extremely light with great feel and knot-tying characteristics. Blaze is an innovative, lightweight 11mm spliceable double-braided rope that boasts a smooth 24-strand braided cover. Works very well with mechanical ascension devices. The 24-strand Tite-Braid cover virtually eliminates cover milking and the polyester core creates a firm rope that stays flexible, without work hardening, throughout its service life. 11mm diameter.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 120' x 11 mm
  • 5,600 lb tensile strength
  • 560 lb working load
Product Features
  • Very light
  • Good knot tying characteristics
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