Aquaflo Soaker Hose Regulator Kits

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Regulates soaker hose water volume!

Ideal soaker hose water volume is 1 gallon per minute for every 100 feet of hose. So, if your hose is 100 feet long, choose ARK-1 below; or if your hose is 500 feet long, choose ARK-5 below. This kit gets threaded inline prior to your soaker hose system to meter the flow and pressure. Top left is the faucet adapter; black middle is the regulator; bottom right is the hose adapter.

This kit is accurate with pressures from 5-90 psi. Adapters are also included to work with both 1/2-inch FPT and garden hose thread. 7-year guarantee!
Item # Rate Ideal Hose Length Stock Status 1 – 2 3 + Qty
ARK-1 1 gpm 100 feet Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$21.19 $20.00
ARK-2 2 gpm 200 feet In Stock $21.19 $20.00
ARK-3 3 gpm 300 feet In Stock $21.19 $20.00
ARK-4 4 gpm 400 feet In Stock $21.19 $20.00
ARK-5 5 gpm 500 feet In Stock $21.19 $20.00

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