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Frost blankets are a great option for overwintering and protecting your plants and crops from deep freezes. Plant covers and blankets effectively insulate outdoor plants from severe cold temperatures and frost, providing the protection they need to survive through harsh winter conditions. Perfect for flower beds, potted plants, and small trees, plant blankets come in various weights, allowing gardeners and landscapers to select the optimal coverage for their plants.
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  1. Image 1 of the Frost Guard
    Frost Guard
  2. Image 0 of the Germination And Insect Blanket .5oz 24'x250'
    Germination And Insect Blanket .5oz. 24'x250'
  3. Magnimoist Bulk Roll
    Magnimoist Bulk Roll
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We stock both medium- and heavy-weight options perfect for your sensitive ornamentals, perennials, nursery stock, vegetable crops, and more. The medium model provides 6-8 degrees of freeze protection and 50% light transmission, while the heavier blanket provides up to 10 degrees of freeze protection and 40% light transmission. No matter the climate, these frost blankets are an essential tool for keeping your plant investments healthy and safe.

Another plant cover option for protecting your plants is our germination and insect blankets. These rolls provide a great environment for germination and growth while also controlling insects, reducing soil erosion, and many other benefits. Our customers love this product for its versatility, durability, and protection from flea beetles and other pests.

When it comes to protecting your crops and finding covers for garden plants, don't settle for anything but the best. A.M. Leonard has long offered professional landscapers and gardeners superior products and competitive prices - trust us to be the first and last stop for all your plant covers and plant protection needs.