Soil Amendments

For gardeners and landscapers looking to boost the physical and nutritional properties of their soil, check out A.M. Leonard's wide selection of premium-quality soil amendments. Ensure you are planting in the most ideal conditions possible! From aluminum sulfate to potting soil, here you will find time- and money-saving products that have been utilized by horticultural professionals for ages.
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  1. Image 1 of the MycoApply Soluble MAXX Mycorrhizae
    MycoApply Soluble MAXX Mycorrhizae, 1lb Bag
  2. Image 2 of the PHC ROOTS Plant Food with Microbes, 7-7-7, 40lb Bag
    Fertilizer/Plant Food, 7-7-7 NPK with Microbes, 40lb Bag by PHC
  3. Image 1 of the Terra-Sorb Hydrogel - Fine Grade
    Terra-Sorb Hydrogel - Fine Grade
  4. P.V.P Industries Perlite, Medium
    P.V.P Industries Perlite, Medium
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Our top-selling Terra-Sorb Hydrogel is a great option for contractors and landscapers attempting to plant in rugged conditions not typically suitable for growth. This commercial-grade co-polymer helps plants survive brutal dry spells and thrive in areas that lack proper irrigation. By absorbing 200 times its weight in water and releasing it slowly over a long period of time, Terra-Sorb Hydrogel will help significantly reduce water usage and save you time and labor.

For your plants that are stressed from transplanting, shipping, or extreme weather, try our Root Zone Plant Conditioner. This unique product helps boost anti-stress hormones for a healthier, more attractive appearance.

There's no shortage of soil amendments available, and at A.M. Leonard you'll find a great selection curated for the needs of professional landscapers and gardeners. From foliar sprays to transplant formulas, our quality products will keep your plants strong and healthy no matter the conditions.