Lawn Aerators promote the health of your garden by puncturing small holes in the soil, giving water, seeds, and fertilizer the space necessary to reach the root zone. The access to these key nutrients will allow your lawn to flourish. With our selection of aerators at AM Leonard, you can find a tow-behind aerator or dethatcher perfectly suited to your needs and take a step toward the greener grass of your dreams.
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How does aeration work?

Aerators are gardening tools equipped with spikes that puncture small holes in the ground. In doing so, they help to alleviate soil compaction and help reduce thatch accumulation. As a result, the grass roots are more likely to receive the nutrients they need to stay healthy.


When is it time to aerate my lawn?

Thinning, discolored, and dull grass are all signs that it could be time to aerate your lawn. Lawns that received a lot of foot traffic with densely compacted soil may also be in greater need of aeration. Aeration during the fall and spring growing seasons are ideal times as your lawn will benefit even more from receiving the added nutrients.


How often do I need to aerate my lawn?

While some lawn maintenance, such as trimming, weeding, and fertilizing are frequent tasks, you only need to aerate your lawn once annually.