Push Brooms & Cleanup

Cleanup may not be the best part of your job, but A.M. Leonard can give you the tools and supplies you need to get it done. From the original E-Z Reacher to squeegees and pickup wizards, A.M. Leonard has the cleaning supplies you need to keep up on the clutter and debris. We stock a wide push broom selection, along with heavy-duty bristled push brooms, reachers, groundskeeping trash bags, dust pans, and more. Stay safe, keep your hands out of the mess, and ensure your nursery, landscape, garden, or job site is clean. A.M. Leonard is your push broom and cleanup headquarters!

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  1. Image 0 of the Leonard Clean Up Caddy
    Leonard Clean-Up Caddy
  2. Image 1 of the Original E-Z Reacher, 32"
    Original E-Z Reacher, 32"
  3. Image 0 of the Leonard Heavyweight Corn Broom
    Leonard Heavyweight Corn Broom
  4. Image 1 of the E-Z Reacher Pro 40in
    E-Z Reacher Pro 40in
  5. Image 1 of the Pik Stik Classic Pick Up Tool 36in
    Pik Stik Classic Pick Up Tool 36in
  6. Image 1 of the Leonard Lightweight Corn Broom
    Leonard Lightweight Corn Broom
  7. Image 3 of the Groundskeeper Econo Trash and Debris Bag Fits Mid-size Walk Behind Mowers
    Groundskeeper Econo Trash and Debris Bag Fits Mid-size Walk Behind Mowers
  8. Image 1 of the Libman 15 Inch Outdoor Angle Broom
    Libman; 15-Inch Outdoor Angle Broom
  9. Image 1 of the Deluxe Upright Corn Broom
    Deluxe Upright Corn Broom
  10. Weasel Nut Gatherer
    Weasel Nut Gatherer
  11. Image 1 of the Large Weasel Nut Gatherer
    Large Weasel Nut Gatherer
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At A.M Leonard, we provide quality gardening and landscaping tools, and cleaning supplies are no exception. Avoid climbing off your mower or bending down repeatedly with our helpful selection of reachers and caddies. The Leonard Clean-Up Caddy is the perfect tool for reaching cans, litter, and debris. For a more flexible option, try the popular E-Z Reacher Pro, a great choice for sanitation workers and grounds maintenance crews. And for items that are more difficult to remove, consider keeping our garden hand tools close by for when you need another option.

We get that cleaning supplies are not the first garden tools on your shopping list, but a sturdy, high-quality broom and dust pan can go a long way toward making your daily work easier. Our Leonard Heavy Duty Push Broom line does it all, inside and out!

Choose a classic design, like the Deluxe Upright Corn Broom, or go for the dual bristle brooms from Harper, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. All are well-suited for cleaning up soil and debris in a nursery or greenhouse too.

Ensure your arsenal of push brooms and garden tools is up to par with help from A.M. Leonard, and before you know it cleaning might actually be a fun part of the job. And for the more desirable aspects of your work, browse other tools such as our collection of scoops and shovels.