Shade Cloth & Fabric

It is true that plants need sun, but too much sun is not good for them. Green leaves can easily wilt in excessive heat or during prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Winds can wreak havoc on plants. A.M. Leonard has shade cloth and other greenhouse supplies constructed from high-quality shade fabric to keep your plants cool, green, and shady.
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  1. Ready Made Shade Tarp
    Ready Made Shade Tarp
  2. Black Knitted Shade Fabric
    Black Knitted Shade Fabric
  3. Image 0 of the Ready Made Shade Tarp 63% Shade 10'x20'
    Ready Made Shade Tarp 63% Shade 10'x20'
  4. Image 1 of the Ready Made Shade Tarp 47% Shade 10'x12'
    Ready Made Shade Tarp 47% Shade 10'x12'
  5. Image 0 of the Ready Made Shade Tarp 63% Shade 20'x20'
    Ready Made Shade Tarp 63% Shade 20'x20'
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High-quality Leonard-brand knitted shade fabric features many benefits over its competitors. It is wind and weather resistant, so you can be assured it will provide shade for many years to come. The sturdy fabric is engineered specifically to resist rips, tears, mold, and mildew. It can be cut to any size needed and it will not unravel from the cut edges. This fact makes this high-quality shade fabric perfect for any number of tasks, from shading plants and animals to shading patios. Installation is quick and simple so you can have the shade you need in a matter of moments.

Custom woven shade fabric is also available in a variety of shade percentages to block just the right amount of sun to adequately protect your garden.

Shade tarps are fantastic for quickly and easily providing shade for not only your garden but also patios and other areas. Our quality woven treated shade cloth resists breakdown from ultraviolet light and provides effective control of heat build-up. This shade cloth also protects delicate plants from the wind as well as excessive sunlight.

Side shade panels are fantastic at providing shade when the sun is low as well as being great at providing wind protection. For more plant protection, be sure to check out our plant covers!