Pests and insects are everywhere. They can be a nuisance to plants and humans. Insects, mites, and fungus can see your garden, landscaping project, or nursery inventory as a buffet. Insect control is needed if your inventory and hard work are going to be protected. A.M. Leonard has the pest control and insecticides needed to keep your plants and grounds safe.
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  1. AceCap® Insecticide Systemic Tree Implants
    AceCap® Insecticide Systemic Tree Implants
  2. Image 1 of the Cucumber Beetle Trap & Lure
    Cucumber Beetle Trap & Lure
  3. Image 1 of the AceCap Insecticide Systemic Implants 3/8in Diam 10 per Pack
    AceCap Insecticide Systemic Implants 3/8in Diam 10 per Pack
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Plants and gardens can face different pests and need different pest control solutions than lawns and grounds. We carry high quality pest control supplies to keep both gardens and grounds safe from pests.

Fertilizer with insect control does double duty for lawns. We have The Andersons brand fertilizer with insect control to keep your lawn healthy, lush, and insect free. Liquid insecticides for lawns can be diluted and sprayed onto lawns with a garden sprayer.

Flowers and vegetables also face attack from insects. We carry multiple solutions for these plants as well, including organic and natural insect control options. Some of our natural insecticide products include neem oil and capsaicin. Capsaicin comes from hot peppers and is the compound that creates the sensation of heat in the mouth.

Slugs and snails can decimate plants. We have products to kill both pests. Flying insects can present special challenges. We have products to kill nuisance insects like Japanese beetles, mosquitoes, and wasps.