Moisture is a precious commodity for plants and trees, especially during harsh winters, dry summers, and other extreme conditions. Fortunately, horticulture has a solution to help protect your investments: anti-transpirants. A.M. Leonard stocks a variety of these cold-resistance products designed to help your plants lock in moisture and survive the long haul.
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  1. Wilt-Pruf Anti-Transpirant Spray
    Wilt-Pruf Anti-Transpirant Spray
  2. Moisture-Loc Anti-Transpirant Spray
    Moisture-Loc Anti-Transpirant Spray
  3. Image 1 of the Moisture-Loc Anti-Transpirant Spray 1 Gallon
    Moisture-Loc Anti-Transpirant Spray, 1 Gallon
  4. Image 1 of the Vitalnova G20F Foliar Nutritional Supplement 1 Liter
    Vitalnova; G20F Foliar Nutritional Supplement, 1 Liter
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Whether you are a nursery worker looking to stay ahead of the competition with long-lasting Christmas trees and wreaths or a landscaper working with newly transplanted shrubs, an anti-transpirant is your best weapon in the battle against dry and damaged plants. Our popular, five-star Wilt-Pruf Anti-Transpirant Spray had been a trusted, effective option for decades. Our customers love the protection it delivers during transplanting and cold, bitter winters.

Another great choice is our TransFilm Anti-Transpirant Spray, a concentrated formula that can help protect golf greens and other plants from excessive transpiration throughout the year. This spray can also be used to prevent windburn and salt air damage.

When it comes to protecting your plants from moisture loss, don't take any chances -- trust A.M. Leonard for reliable, premium-quality anti-transpirants that will get the job done and save you time, money, and frustration. Check out our selection today.