Power Sprayers

Landscapes can be large areas to have to spread fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides over. Their sheer size can make it difficult to make sure that every area gets the right amount of treatment. A.M. Leonard's power sprayers can help make that difficult job much easier. Show below and be sure to check out our complete selection of lawn sprayers and spreaders.
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For bigger jobs, we have Kings brand name trailer power sprayers and skid power sprayers. We have skid power sprayers that can hold up to 200 gallons. Trailer sprayers are easy to tow behind a utility vehicle and can evenly and effectively cover a larger space. Spray booms allow you to cover a very wide area at once. We have a choice of sizes to fit your needs.

Treatments are applied differently based on the type of plant. For example, delicate flowers cannot withstand a high-pressure spray. This is why we have a variety of nozzles available for your garden sprayer, from high-pressure spray guns to atomizing spray wands.

Smaller areas present their own challenges. If it is a small lawn, your larger sprayers will over saturate the land, which can cause the plants more harm than good. Walk behind garden sprayers or rolling sprayers hold smaller amounts, such as a few gallons, and can provide the right amount of treatment to a small area. Droplet spreaders work well when you do not have a lot of room to maneuver. Tank cleaners and replacement high-pressure hoses are available to maintain your sprayers. We have different sizes of high-pressure hoses and hose reels to easily store them.