Tree Carts

Landscapers and nurseries know moving trees around can be a difficult task. A garden cart, yard cart, or hand cart is serviceable, but a hand truck is much better suited for the job. Nursery hand trucks and cradle lifts are made specifically for transporting trees. A.M. Leonard has the nursery trucks and cradle lifts to make moving trees much easier.
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  1. Image 0 of the Leonard Nursery Truck Extended Lift 1600lb
    Leonard Nursery Truck Extended Lift 1,600 Pounds, Pneumatic Tires
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    Leonard Universal Bracket
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Quality Leonard-brand extended-lift nursery and landscape trucks are made in the U.S.A. and come with a lifetime warranty so you know you can depend on them. They are built strong to handle whatever a professional can throw at them. We have various sizes of nursery trucks with your choice of either pneumatic or flat-free tires to allow you to move trees weighing up to 1600 pounds.

For larger trees, check out our Leonard nursery and landscape cradle lifts. These lifts are also built tough in the U.S.A. and carry a lifetime warranty. We have models with both pneumatic and flat-free tires in a variety of sizes to transport trees weighing up to 1600 pounds.

If an extra wheel would come in handy, we have cart attachments to add stability, room for multiple laborers, and extra leverage. A T-bar attachment makes it easy for multiple people to work together to move a cart. If an extra wheel would come in handy, use our caster mount attachment. Hitch attachments allow the carts to be towed by a utility vehicle. We make it easy to move large trees in whatever configuration needed to reduce damage to the landscaping already in place.