Underground Sprinkler Parts

Underground sprinkler systems offer numerous benefits. They can be set to water automatically and scheduled during prime watering hours without intervention. Retractable sprinkler heads make mowing the lawn and pruning shrubs easier and mean you do not have to hassle with hoses and sprinkler adjustments. And watering can be done all at once, instead of a full day chore. A.M. Leonard has the underground sprinkler parts and irrigation equipment you need to install a system and keep it running!
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After installation, every inground system requires occasional maintenance, and we make this easy with our supply of underground sprinkler parts. We carry Rainbird Pop-Up Head Nozzles with adjustable flow and radius, which are compatible with other nozzles and come in a variety of spray patterns including half circle, quarter circle, square and more.

We also carry Rainbird Simple Adjust Rotors and Rainbird Pop-Up Sprinkler Bodies ranging in clearance from 2- to 12-inches, allowing you to match your sprinkler height to your lawn or shrubs. A.M. Leonard makes replacing inground irrigation parts stress-free with our Head Wrench, designed to fit all brands of rotor heads, spray heads and jar-top valves. With a precision grip and an angled jaw for easier access, replacing and adjusting sprinkler heads is quick and easy!

A.M. Leonard knows that even the best inground sprinkler systems require maintenance, and you will occasionally need replacement underground sprinkler parts. So, check out our selection today to keep your water flowing and your garden growing!