Rooting Hormone

Successful and strong root establishment is essential for a plant's long-term growth and health. Provide only the best for your rooting plants and cuttings with help from A.M. Leonard's selection of premium-quality rooting hormone, compounds, formulas, and dips.
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    Natural Alternative Protilizer Seed and Plant Activator, 6 oz.
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For professional gardeners and landscapers looking to propagate with softwood, semi-hardwood, and hardwood cuttings, here you will find a variety of rooting hormone designed for easy use. Our popular Hormodin Rooting Hormone Powder has been trusted by nursery workers, gardeners, and landscapers for decades.

Customers love Hormodin due to its convenience, consistency, and versatility. We stock three different formulas that can handle all types of cuttings and root varieties. For your bare root plantings, check out our 15-ounce bags of PHC Root Dip. This formula is ideal for seedling roots, delivering much-needed microbes to trees, shrubs, and flowers in all weather conditions.

If you'd rather try a liquid formula, products like our Dip N Grow Rooting Concentrate are great options. These rooting compounds are extremely simple to use and are quickly and evenly absorbed in the ground. Simply dip your cutting into the diluted solution and plant -- that easy!

A.M. Leonard is committed to helping professionals with all of their rooting needs. Check out our selection of rooting hormone and compounds and take a step toward growing strong-rooted plants.