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Professional growers and gardeners can save time, money, and labor with A.M. Leonard's great selection of granular applicators and dispensers. We offer advanced, durable products that will help both small operations and large commercial clients deliver fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides with precision. Shop today and browse our broader selection of lawn sprayers and spreaders too.
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  1. Image 1 of the Spred-Rite G Gravity-Flow Granular Spreader
    Gravity-Flow Granular Spreader, 5lb Capacity by Spred-Rite
  2. Image 4 of the Weed Wand Magic Applicator
    Weed Wand Magic Applicator
  3. Image 1 of the Ross Professional Root Feeder
    Professional Root Feeder by Ross
  4. Image 1 showing HERBI on white background.
    Droplet Sprayer, Battery-Powered and Handheld Controlled with 4ft Spray Swath by Herbi
  5. Image 1 of the Hozon Siphon Mixer
    Hoz.on Siphon Mixer
  6. Image 1 of the Extreme Blower Spreader Xtra Duty Model
    Blower Spreader, Extra-Duty Model by Extreme Blower Products
  7. Image 1 of the Weed Wand Magic Applicator with 3 Replacement Tips
    Weed Wand Magic Applicator with 3 Replacement Tips
  8. Image 1 of the Perfect-A-Feed Granular Handheld Applicator
    Perfect-A-Feed Granular Handheld Applicator
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Here you will find a variety of spreaders, mixers, applicators, sprayers, and feeders fit for all types of jobs. We stock trusted brands like Spred-Rite, Hozon, WeedBlaster, EZ Flo, Perfect-A-Feed, and many more. Our top-selling GreenElf Electronic Granular Applicator is a fantastic option for operations looking to reduce labor and save money. It delivers 15,000 to 20,000 shots in a normal 8-hour workday with its easy point-and-press trigger. Applications that typically take full days can be finished in just a few hours! The GreenElf applicator is well built and designed to last.

The popular Spred-Rite G Gravity-Flow Granular Spreader is loved by our customers for its durability, uniform flow, and reliable performance. It's ideal for reaching around or under trees, poles, and other objects.

You work hard for a living, so make sure you utilize tools that work hard for you. A.M. Leonard's line of granular applicators and dispensers will save you time and money and get the job done right.