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Your last 12 month’s purchases with A.M. Leonard will determine which tier level you, or your company, will enjoy. With each new purchase your total for that rolling 12 months will grow and go toward your overall benefits gauge which will be displayed each time you log in. The more you purchase, the more you’ll get from Pro+. If ordering by phone, your customer ID will be retrieved by an AML Assistant™ upon calling. Feel free to e-mail, instant message or call us any time with any questions you might have. We're here to help.


If you are already a Pro+ member simply log in at amleo.com
to see your current tier level and benefits.  If you’re new to
Pro+ go to amleo.com/proplus to join the group.  Instantly
you’ll see new reduced pricing online, and start
your Pro+ level with each purchase.

If you have no 12 month purchase history with AML, don’t worry.  Simply signing up for Pro+ gets you instant reduced pricing and sets you on a path to increase your savings
with each purchase.


Create an account and select the "Sign Up for Pro Plus" option to become an active Pro Plus member.


Login to your existing account to
activate Pro Plus.


Pricing Level

The pricing level, from BUSINESS to ENTERPRISE, coincides with A.M. Leonard’s system pricing. The ENTERPRISE+ level receives contract pricing from the start. The more the customer spends, the better their BENEFITS.

Average Savings
From Retail

This is the percent of savings each benefit level will receive (on average) over retail list price.

Average Savings Per Item

This is estimated by taking last 12-month’s worth of purchases and averaging out the savings over each product.

Qualification Level =
($ Spent Last 12 Months)

This is the dollar amount, over the last 12 months, that determines what BENEFIT level a customer is at.  The initial level will be based on the immediate 12 months prior to customer’s enrollment date. 

Annual Free / Reduced Shipping Orders

ProPlus members, PRO through CORPORATE, receive 2 to 6 shipments delivered with free shipping (if Ground Shipping), or reduced shipping (if Motor Freight Shipping), depending on your ProPlus level (see chart). Minimum purchase order applies.  ENTERPRISE level members will enjoy free shipping on a negotiated number of orders, including motor freight deliveries.

Free Ground Shipping Minimum Purchase

This is the dollar amount, per order, that must be reached before it qualifies for free Ground shipping, within each BENEFIT bracket. For Motor Freight shipments, the shipping cost will be reduced by the amount noted in the "Motor Freight Credit per Shipping Offer" benefit.

Motor Freight Credit Minimim Purchase

This is the dollar amount per order, that must be reached before it qualifies for Reduced Motor Freight Shipping within each BENEFIT bracket.  Should the amount of the Motor Freight Credit be more than the cost of the Motor Freight Shipment, the credit will apply to the entire cost of the shipment, making it free. 

Priority Service

ENTERPRISE ProPlus Members will be assigned a single point of contact who will specialize in your account.  They are there to answer questions, find solutions and to facilitate the best ordering experience possible.

Early Order Program Access

Customers that qualify for this will be given access to Early Order programs that offer special deals for buying early, over a broad range of products, though usually commodity items like Poly, Fertilizer, Shade Fabric, etc.  These programs will be sent via email, usually for Spring EO and Fall EO.

Custom Online Pricing

Once logged in, ProPlus members will see their special pricing across our site, as well as special offers tailored just for them.

Online Credit Visibility and Bill Pay

ProPlus members who log-in will have the ability to see their bill and pay on-line.

Payment Terms

Payment terms range from Standard to Custom with “Net Terms” between.  BUSINESS thru PRO is standard, while ENTERPRISE is custom.