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Quality grass fertilizer is essential for professional gardeners and landscapers looking to steer clear of discoloring, weeds, and slow growth. At A.M. Leonard, we offer our customers a selection of high-rated, commercial-grade grass fertilizers and turf fertilizers that will keep your lawns looking full and green.
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  1. Image 1 of the The Andersons® 18-24-12 Starter Turf Fertilizer, 50lb Bag
    Starter Turf 18-24-12 Fertilizer, 50lb Bag by The Andersons
  2. Fairlawn Blue and Rye Mix
    Fairlawn Blue and Rye Mix
  3. Image 1 of the PennMulch Seed Accelerator, 40 Pound Bag
    Penn Mulch, 40-Pound Bag
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Our 18-24-12 Starter Turf Fertilizer from The Andersons is a great place to start. Designed for newly seeded turf, this grass fertilizer is ideal for encouraging seedling and root development. For those looking to help prevent weed growth, the 19-0-6 Turf Fertilizer with pre-emergent herbicide is the way to go. This formula provides the superior results professionals expect from The Andersons, and combines it with effective herbicides to stop the growth of broadleaf and grassy weeds before it starts.

If insects are invading your grass, check out our GrubOut DG Insecticide, a specially formulated granular technology that can help control up to 27 varieties of pests, including aphids, grub larvae, Japanese beetles, and more. Our 40-pound bag can cover up to 10,000 square feet.

Wherever your turf extends, ensure it's looking its best day in and day out with help from A.M. Leonard. As the most trusted name in horticultural supplies, we offer professionals the highest performing grass fertilizers from time-test, respected brands. When it's time to feed your lawn, don't skimp on quality -- check out our selection and find the product that will work hard for you.