Tree Watering Bags

At A.M. Leonard, we are committed to offering effective tree watering bags and other innovative watering systems for landscapers, nurseries, and professional gardeners looking to keep their plants and trees healthy and happy. Here you will find irrigation systems that are designed to maximize your trees' water usage and prepare them for all types of conditions.
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  1. Image 1 showing ART20 being filled.
    Leonard ArborRain Tower Tree and Plant Hydrator
  2. Image 5 of the Leonard ArborRain™ Hydration System, 20 Gallon
    ArborRain Hydration System by A.M. Leonard, 20 Gallon, 5-8 Hour Hydration Period
  3. Image 6 of the Leonard ArborRain Hydration System 32 Gallon
    Leonard ArborRain Hydration System, 32 Gallon
  4. TreeDiaper Landscaper Pro Packs
    TreeDiaper Landscaper Pro Packs
  5. Image 1 of the Bio-Plex Drip Irrigation Tree Ring 25gal
    Bio-Plex Drip Irrigation Tree Ring 25gal
  6. Image 1 of the Tree Diaper 24" Round
    TreeDiaper®, 24", Round
  7. Image 1 of the Leonard Mini ArborRain Hydration System
    Leonard Mini ArborRainHydration System
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For a professional tree watering bag system, you cannot go wrong with the highly rated Treegator Drip Irrigation Bag. This 20-gallon bag will help you reduce watering frequency and save water resources, providing 100% absorption and minimal run-off. You'll save time, energy, and money with this easy-to-use, low-maintenance irrigation technique.

An alternative to upright hydrators, Leonard's ArborRain Hydration system is a unique irrigation product that slowly releases water over a 5- to 8-hour period, letting water reach deep into the soil and providing superior coverage. Its subtle, low profile and brown coloring helps it blend into natural surroundings.

From tree watering bags to rings, A.M. Leonard is dedicated to the slow-release irrigation needs of horticultural professionals. Browse our inventory and find the right fit for your needs.