Striking Tools

There is some landscaping work that just really needs to be done by hand. Preparing small areas for planting, tilling raised beds, and clearing land of brush are all hard jobs that we can make easier. A.M. Leonard's hand picks, brush axes, and clearing axes can help you get the job done. Shop our striking tools below and be sure to also browse the rest of our gardening and landscape tools for the rest of your gardening needs!

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  1. Leonard Dead Blow Hammers
    Leonard Dead Blow Hammers
  2. Image 0 of the Leonard Pick Mattock with 36 Inch Hickory Handle
    Pick Mattock with 36in Hickory Handle by A.M. Leonard
  3. Image 1 showing P500 on white background.
    Pick Mattock with 36in Composite Handle by A.M. Leonard
  4. Image 1 showing C500 on white background.
    Cutter Mattock with 36In Composite Handle by A.M. Leonard
  5. Image 1 of the Bush Axe with Hardwood Handle
    Bush Axe with Hardwood Handle
  6. Image 1 of the Replacement Head for Leonard Cutter Mattock
    Replacement Head for Leonard Cutter Mattock
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Difficult tasks in your garden are made easier by our collection of striking tools. Our quality mattocks can help you get garden beds ready for planting. Our cutting mattocks are excellent at breaking up hard ground and chopping through small roots. For exceptionally solid or rocky soil, try our pick mattocks to break through hard packed soil or dig out any sized rock. When preparing small or raised planting beds, our tiller mattocks are excellent hand garden tillers. Tiller mattocks can not only help you till the soil and chop small roots but also help you with creating holes for planting as well. For tasks that require more precise tools, browse our various budding knifes to help get the job done.

Sometimes brush needs to be cleared before garden tools can be used. When you need to clear brush, use our quality brush axes and clearing axes to power through even the thickest brush. Once the brush has been cleared, these same tools are great for grubbing and digging so you can create a blank slate for whatever project you're planning. Our garden hoes make cultivating your newly cleared land quick and easy, so you can get straight to starting your new project.

If you're putting in a stone walkway or driveway, our paver screed set can make sure you place the pavers, stone or block in the straight lines. Once the blocks are in place, use our deadblow hammers to help you set and level them so they look perfect.