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Ensure your pond is clean, clear, and ready for summer with A.M. Leonard's supply of premium-quality pond cleaners, colorants, clarifiers, herbicides, and other pond supplies. We stock top brands like PondSaver and AquaMaster that effectively break down pond muck and organic sediment, leaving ponds beautiful and serene, as a pond should be!
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Our top-selling multi-step Crystal Blue pond cleaner is a great option for professional landscapers looking to cover all the bases. The first step is a pond colorant that helps maintain a striking royal blue coloring and clarity year-round. Our one-gallon offering covers a one-acre pond up to six-feet deep. Step two is the Crystal Blue natural pond cleaner, a safe but effective mix that fights odors, breaks up dead leaves, and helps boost naturally occurring bacteria that will help keep your pond clean and clear. The third step, Crystal Plex, provides long-lasting algae control. All three are 100% safe for humans, fish, pets, and birds.

Another great non-toxic option is our PondSaver Pond and Lake Clarifier and Deodorizer, available in a 5-pound container. It is perfect for fighting methane and sulfide odors and clearing your water. Whether you are aiming to clean up a small golf-course pond or a larger body of water on your property, this -- and our other premium-quality pond cleaning products -- will get the job done right.

Ensure your landscape, from lawn to pond, is in perfect condition with help from A.M. Leonard. We've long supplied professional landscapers and gardeners with the tools, products, and materials they need -- so check out our pond supplies today.