BioPlex® Transplant Concentrate & Plant Enhancer

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Rich, liquid blend gets quickly absorbed to deliver seaweed nutrients, humic acid, enzymes and more to speed up root growth for successful planting!

Bio-Plex applied before and/or after digging or transplanting, will enhance a plant's ability to survive. A biostimulant liquid complex of seaweed extract, humic acid extract, enzymes, and a "new generation" non-ionic wetting agent. Extends planting and harvesting opportunities year round for more successful, healthier plantings, fewer warranty replacements, and greater customer satisfaction. Some of the benefits include: reduced transplant stress, wilt and flagging. Speeds root establishment for larger fibrous root mass.
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Some of the benefits include: reduced transplant stress, wilt and flagging. It speeds root establishment for larger fibrous root mass. The anti-oxidants and photosynthetic capacities are increased and the moisture retention is improved. Transplanting stabilization and maturity is accelerated, and health and vigor are increased. Plant decline and mortality is decreased, and you get more prolific flower blooms, more pristine foliage and more durable plants!

Great for professional applications such as: stress reduction and rooting on golf courses; summer digging for growers; transplanting and sodding; digging and B&B, and liners for nurseries; growth and root enhancers for greenhouses; root strike for propagators; and stress reduction and plant establishment for tree diggers. Product is safe for vegetable crops and very effective.

CAUTION: Bioplex says that Sycamore and Maples, (complete root-drench at new leaf only) exhibit sensitivity to rates exceeding 2.0 fl. oz. per caliper inch trunk diameter per 5-10 gallon water.




    QUESTION: What is the shelf life of Bioplex?
    ANSWER: The shelf life is minimum 2 years, then a little-by-little drop off will occur.

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5 Stars


This product has worked well for us in the past with summer digging and we cotinue use it year after year

4 Stars

tree feeding wrote

product works well as an additive to tank mixes of quality tree food. Replaces costly source of humic acids.