CX Horticulture Growth Enhancer 11 0 0


Shortens grow time and increases yields!

CX Horticulture?s Growth Enhancer contains multiple sources of nitrogen. Its 11-0-0 formula acts like a 3-0-0 formula every few hours. This is thanks to its cascading nitrogen effect. In addition to nitrogen, Growth Enhancer provides an abundance of high-quality calcium. Choose your desired container volume below. Growth Enhancer increases plant leaf size and chlorophyll density. These increases accelerate the plant?s rate of vegetative growth. Growth Enhancer also boosts carbohydrate and protein production. This boost increases production capacity. CX Horticulture developed this incredible product to give your plants a healthy, vigorous growth phase. Unlike similar products, Growth Enhancer expedites growth without causing stretching. This specialized formula leads to a much more durable plant that sustains an increased final yield!
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