Groundcover 3oz Woven

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Control grass and weeds in your container fields and greenhouses!

Simply roll out and tack it down. Green stripes every 12" for easy plant alignment. Provides years of service. Tough 3 oz UV stabilized polypropylene. Resists tears and punctures, yet permeable to water and nutrients. 15' x 300'. Priced per roll. MOTOR FRT DELIVERY
Item # Width Stock Status 1 – 5 6 + Qty
GC33 3 Feet In Stock $71.29 $66.18
GC43 4 Feet In Stock $91.59 $86.47
GC63 6 Feet In Stock $117.09 $111.96
GC103 10 Feet In Stock $217.79 $203.48
GC123 12 Feet In Stock $262.59 $249.28
GC153 15 Feet In Stock $345.99 $330.63


  • Polypropylene
  • UV stabilized
  • Green stripe every 12"
  • 3 oz
  • 16 mil

Product Features

  • Resists tears and punctures, yet permeable to water and nutrients
  • Simply roll out and tack it down
  • Control grass and weeds in your container fields and greenhouses
  • Green stripes every 12" for easy plant container alignment

Product Benefits

  • Weed control in you greenhouse reduces labor costs of weed control


Guaranteed for five years. Life expectancy is 5-7 years...can be longer depending on conditions.


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Review Summary (Based on 13 Reviews)

5 Stars

Used in spring over pvc hoops then reused for fall/winter crops in TN. wrote

Great value. Used as insect cover in spring then used as fall/winter cover using 2 layers .

5 Stars

Reusable mulch wrote

I’ve used it in an experiment for a replacement of black plastic, for weed control and moisture retention. I burned holes in it to plant tomatoes in.I’m very happy so for.I have rowed it up and plan to see how many years I can reuse it. So far I'm happy. It held up great in our hotest summer ever.

5 Stars

Woven ground cover... wrote

We liked this ground cover so much that we made a second order! Our initial order was to use in the tomatoes. We worked the soil well, anchored the WGC, using the green lines, we melted holes every 5 feet....just large enough to reach in and plant the tomatoes....maybe 8-10" across. When they were in the ground, we cut the bottom edge off of the crw tomato cages....leaving the prongs. Stuck them right through the ground cover and it was wonderful. Very few weeds to deal with in the cages or close to them. We also used it around the squash and it did a good job there too. We had the best tomato crop ever with a lot less work keeping the weeds out. We will roll it back up and use it again next year. I highly recommend it.

5 Stars

Works perfectly wrote

Kept weeds out of my garden all summer. Very durable. Garden did very well. Leaving in place over the winter so I'll be ready to plant next Spring.

5 Stars

3oz ground cover wrote

Loved it. Did what I wanted it for. Kept paths between garden beds weed free. All you have to do is use a push broom to clean up leaves. It also drains well. Easy to put down, hard to cut.

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