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Haviland High Performance Series - Thermoformed HDPE

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Made entirely of 100% recycled material! These pots offer many advantages including stronger rolled lip for easier carrying and filling; fluted bottom for stronger stacking/transport; extra drain holes for better drainage; and bottom drain holes to prevent weed growth. Sold in bundles and available in multiple sizes.
Item # Dimension (WxH) Trade Size Bundle Count Approx. Size Stock Status 1 – 14 15 + Qty
HP100 8 Inches X 6-7/8 Inches Full 1 140 1 Gallon In Stock $48.54 $46.10
HP075 2-1/2 Quarts Trade 1 6-1/2 Inches x 6-3/5 Inches 135 Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$31.84 $29.98
HP175 9 Inches x 8-1/2 Inches Trade 2 135 1-1/2 Gallons In Stock $70.94 $67.52
HP275 10-1/10 Inches x 9-5/16 Inches Foliage 10 100 2-1/4 Gallons In Stock $73.04 $68.86
HP300 11 Inches x 9-11/16 Inches Full 3 90 3 Gallons Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$70.94 $67.60
HC5 4 Gallons Trade 5 12 Inches x 11 Inches 55 In Stock $94.59 $89.47
HC4 55 11-3/4 Inches x 10-1/4 Inches Trade 5 4 Gallons Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$86.49 $80.71

Review Summary (Based on 14 Reviews)

1 Star

Poor design of Haviland High Performance Series wrote

This pot is very poorly designed. Not only is it lacking in lateral drainage, it has a poor bottom. I will never purchase again. The return charges are too expensive to return the product also. Next time that I order pots, I MAY use Amazon.com. Haviland used to make quality designed pots. I have some very old used ones made by them. This pot is not!

5 Stars

Haviland wrote

Nice size containers!

5 Stars

Untitled wrote

My standard go to for plants that wont fit into 1 gal

1 Star

Not what I expected wrote

This item is described as a one gallon nursery pot.I thought they were one gallon trade pots.The advertising photo was deceiving.They will not fit into my shipping boxes.Most likely will have no use for them.Yo return them the postage would out weigh the benefits.I have to order from another company.

5 Stars

Rolled Rim Pots wrote

Good size of pot with features such as excellent drainage and rolled rim for ease of carrying. Reasonable price. Rolled rim is very important when moving pots around.

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