Hortonova Trellis Netting

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The most efficient and cost-effective way to support climbing plants!

Tenax makes their Hortonova Trellis Netting using durable polypropylene. This white plastic material resists UV rays and numerous types of chemicals. It is also aseptic. Please see below for available sizes.

Tenax Hortonova Trellis Netting is ideal for either home gardeners or commercial growers. Hortonova provides a practical growing solution for vining plants of all types. Installation is easy and requires a minimal amount of time.

Hortonova Trellis Netting keeps your plants off the ground, reducing rot and disease. This raised position also increases the plants exposure to air and light. The netting directs the growth of tomatoes, flowers, and other non-climbing plants, keeping them straight. It also allows for optimal separation between your plants.

Growers worldwide have used Hortonova Trellis Netting. Tenax engineered it to be strong enough to support melons, yet safe enough for the most delicate leaves and stems. This trellis netting ensures that your plants stay healthy, which increases their yield. You can reuse or recycle the netting after harvest. These features make it the most efficient and cost-effective way to support your climbing plants!
Item # Width Length Stock Status 1 – 2 3 + Qty
HTN450 4 Feet 50 Feet In Stock $14.99 $12.49
HTN4100 4 Feet 100 Feet In Stock $24.99 $21.58
HTN4328 4 Feet 328 Feet In Stock $60.89 $55.81
HTN43280 4 Feet 3,280 Feet Ships Direct
question This item ships directly from our vendor. Please allow additional time for order processing and delivery. For additional details, please contact our customer service department.
$355.29 $334.99
TN5328 5 Feet 328 Feet In Stock $70.09 $66.53
TN615 6-1/2 Feet 15 Feet In Stock $14.19 $12.06
TN630 6-1/2 Feet 30 Feet In Stock $19.99 $16.84
TN650 6-1/2 Feet 50 Feet In Stock $19.99 $17.77
TN6100 6-1/2 Feet 100 Feet In Stock $29.99 $26.53
HTN63280 6-1/2 Feet 3,280 Feet In Stock $512.59 $482.14


  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Color: White
  • Width (feet): Varies
  • Length (feet): Varies
  • Mesh length (inches): Varies
  • Mesh width (inches): Varies

Product Features

  • Durable polypropylene construction
  • UV and chemical-resistant
  • Aseptic material

Product Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Keeps plants off the ground, reducing exposure to rot and disease
  • Increased exposure to air and light increases plant yields
  • Allows for straighter plant growth and optimal separation
  • Strong enough to support melons, yet safe enough for delicate leaves and stems
  • Reusable and recyclable

Review Summary (Based on 2 Reviews)

5 Stars

Grape Netting wrote


5 Stars

Works great wrote

Works great for a multitude of uses. Lasts good out in the Ga sun year round. Had same or similar product in Fl for 10 yrs till I moved. Bought primarily for veining Veggies.

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