Irrometer Moisture Monitor Field Application

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For field or container applications, install in soil for continuous readings!

A sealed water-filled tube with a special vacuum gauge and porous tip, works upon the tensiometer principle. As water is drawn from the soil by the roots, a partial vacuum is created, and pressure is recorded on the gauge. Low readings indicate waterlogged soil that has inadequate root aeration. Middle readings indicate the need to start irrigation. High readings indicate very low levels of moisture inhibiting maximum plant growth.Measures the amount of water available in any soil type. (However, the LT series is especially designed for non-soil mixes.) With each initial order a service unit is required. For use in field applications. Replaceable ceramic tip. Gauge readings 0-100 centibar.
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12" tube, gauge reads 0 to 100 centibar. Threaded replaceable tip. NOTE: For initial set-up you must order the SU1001 Service Unit.


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