Landscape Fabric 5oz Woven

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Drastically reduce weeding and achieve that perfectly manicured, professional look!

Landscape fabric keeps your landscaping looking sharper longer. Effectively controls weeds and seed germination reducing the need for chemicals and weedings, saving you time and money. Tightly woven polypropylene 5oz fabric needle punched and UV-stabilized. 98.7% opaque to light. Permeable to air, water and other valuable nutrients. Will not rot, mildew, or become brittle. Easy to install. Motor freight delivery.
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325S5 250 ft 28 lb 3 ft In Stock $133.39 $119.82
425S5 250 ft 37 lb 4 ft In Stock $156.39 $142.42
525S5 250 ft 47 lb 5 ft Out of Stock
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$162.19 $125.50
625S5 250 ft 56 lb 6 ft In Stock $232.29 $205.73
825S5 250 ft 73 lb 8 ft In Stock $313.99 $291.68
125S5 250 ft 122 lb 12 ft In Stock $523.29 $446.54


Woven polypropylene
  • 5 oz
  • Needle-punched
  • 20 mil,
  • UV-stabilized
  • 98.7% opaque to light
  • Permeable
  • Will not rot, mildew, or become brittle
  • Water flows through fabric at 12 gpm per sq. ft.
  • Tensile strength (lbs) 125x90
  • Puncture and tear resistant

Product Features

Fabric can be easily cut to desired size or shape with scissors.


5 year limited manufacturer guarantee


    QUESTION: How is the Landscape Fabric layed down when installed?
    ANSWER: Landscape Fabric is installed with the "fuzzy" side down, then you can secure it with anchor pins such as our 616AP. If you are laying several pieces together overlap them about two inches and secure tight with anchor pins. You are now ready to cover it with mulch, gravel, etc.

Review Summary (Based on 11 Reviews)

5 Stars

Landscape Fabric wrote

I do not have to hoe weeds any more. You can walk on it and strawberry runners will root through it. I am very happy . Weeds are no longer a problem.

5 Stars

Solves many problems and eliminated mowing grass! wrote

Two years ago I decided mowing grass is not my favorite thing, planned a sectioned garden and laid out this fabric for paths. It has stayed in place, not budged, prevented weeds, allowed water through, and generally made my life much easier by saving me a lot of time. I've pulled it up in places and reused it in others and it is none the worse for it. Best investment I ever made for the garden and yard. Oh, and driveway, too.

5 Stars

5 oz landscape fabric wrote

This is a good thick fabric that should last for years. It was very easy to cut with our titanium scissors and easy for my guys to place around plants. I have used several brands of weed mat over the years some good and some not so good. Since using this product I have nothing but good things to say and best of all my customers are happy and their beds are weed free. Great product.

3 Stars

woven landscape fabric wrote

I bought this landscape fabric for my raised-bed garden to avoid weeds between the boxes. The fabric was easy to work with and laid nicely, BUT I have already had weeds coming right through it - particularly a very persistent type of grass. I am very disappointed in that. For the price (it was rather expensive), I would have thought it would keep out all the weeds. Since it was just installed this year, I can't speak for how it will wear throughout its life or if it will live up to its 10-year life expectancy.

5 Stars

5 oz Landscape Fabric wrote

This landscape fabric is far superior to any other fabric that I have used. In spite of violent winds, it did not lift or tear. It blocked all weeds and allowed water to pass through quickly! I used the round top pins and I believe that they are much less likely to tear through the fabric. You should make them available in quantity less than a thousand.

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